Errol Enver, Walton

What can I say about Joseph? Before I met him I had failed my test four times. Then at the age of 39 I thought I would give it one last try. looking on the net I stumbled across Joseph’s web site. And have to say I was so lucky I went with him. He teaches in a calm and easy to understand manner, and has a great sense of humour that just makes you feel instantly relaxed. And guess what I passed my test. Thank you so much Joseph.


Grant Booth, Bretton

Hey people. Sorry for the extrema lateness Joseph. But here it comes :D. He is probably THE best instructor I have heard about or seen for that matter. He is a excellent laugh and knows what he is talking about. He helped me learn things I didn't know before, And I thank him greatly for that. I would definitely recommend him to ANYONE looking for an Instructor without a doubt. :D x

Just done my pass Plus with him. Was simple and easy. Taught me stuff I thought I knew, But I didn't when it came to it. And all in all. Was a good day :D.


Greg Chartier, Pinchbeck

Hello again Joseph, its Greg! One of your students from the black Corsa days, 1.3c TDi if I remember correctly? My favorite gear was third in that car. I passed in October 07. I'd like to tell anyone thinking about using Joseph that he is 100% worth it. He got me through my practical 1st time with only two minors and was even able to show me in real life, what I didn't understand in theory. I remember the lessons were well structured, Joseph himself had a wealth of driving knowledge, and he was fantastic to get on with! thanks again Joseph, I have continued to recommend you and hope you are very well. Greg


Jessica Roulstone, Thurlby

JessicaWords can't express how pleased I am! Joseph is a great teacher. Jessica, Thurlby


John Carr, Manea

John CarrThanks Joseph, I've been very impressed with the way you were able to tailor this course to make sure I benefited as much as possible, throughout I have felt relaxed(relatively) and happy, and it must have worked, only four minors on my first test. Thanks again. John

Really enjoyed the PASS PLUS, it was a great experience and a really calm environment in which to tackle daunting tasks like motorways and central London which now seem like simple easy driving tasks. Thanks again


Karen Woodcock, Wittering

Karen WoodcockThank you Joseph for helping me pass my test today! I did it!! Joseph was recommended to me by Andrea (thank you Andi), after she passed her test. I had failed two previous tests with other instructors and lost all confidence. Joseph not only taught me how to drive properly! but he helped me rebuild my confidence I lost 2 years ago after failing twice. He helped me stay calm and focused when my nerves got to me. Oh did I mention I had two examiners in the car this morning and I still passed!! That's because I remembered to stay calm and focused. I would have gone to pieces if it wasn't for Joseph'ss fabulous way of teaching. Thank you again Joseph, hope to see you soon. =)


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