Nicky French, Deeping St James

NickyJoseph is a LEGEND he is super clever when it comes to working out what you need personally as a learner. I had used previous instructors and become frustrated that I would never get there but Joseph made learning fun and he used a relaxed approach to never put me under pressure. Then I passed but what no one else saw was the way in which Joseph sorted my nerves and believe me I was a state he let me rant and rave until I was calm enough to get the result I needed.  Thank you Joseph you are a kind clever man and I will be eternally grateful


Nikita Waldin-Walker, Stilton

Joe taught me everything I had to know about driving, how to handle roads etc. He has a very good sense of humor and has patience with all students. I passed my theroy 1st time and Joe helped me pass my main test. I really would recommend Joe beacuse if you are a nervous driver like I was to begin with, and within a few lessons I felt more confident on the roads due to Joe being patient and always giving me confidence. Joe is a top class driving instructor.


Nina Doward, Peterborough

Just over 3 years ago I made the phone call which was to change my life. I called Clearway. I will forever be grateful to Joseph for not only being a fantastic instructor, but teaching in such a way to instill so much confidence & enjoyment in being out on the road. It meant that within a year I went on to pass my HGV class C, and another year saw me pass my C+E. This means I'm now driving 45ft articulated lorries for a living. And I love it. I honestly believe had it not been for Joseph I wouldn't have achieved any of this, and I certainly wouldn't enjoy it so much! Thanks Joe.


Paolo Poli, Woodston

After years of trying with other instructors I finally passed with Joe at the first attempt. I found the lessons very entertaining and educational and a total joy.thank you very much Joe for all your help and guidance, I could not have done it without you. Paolo


Phil George, Peterborough

Joseph came highly recommended and made the task of learning to drive into a fun experience,everyone speaks highly of him including the test examiners, one of them told me that they know that a pupil is prepared when Joe sends them for a test. Thanks Joseph, I hope you'll be going strong when my kids need to learn.


Rachel Cooper, Stanground

Joseph was the best person I could have asked for to help me pass my test (first time!). He's helped at least 4 of my family members pass their test including myself, my mum, my boyfriend, my step-dad and hopefully soon my brother! He has much valued experience and many good thoerys he puts into practice. He picked up immediately the best way for me to learn all about driving (fear was my main problem but he helped me overcome it by increasing my knowledge) and hes a great laugh! I feel confident on the road and now understand all about car mechanics. Thanks a bunch Joseph will certainly keep in touch, Rachel x


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